Metalumana Product Basket

We attempt to provide high-quality goods from the top suppliers and a great variety of products is guaranteed. Metalumana products contain three big categories of Ferroalloys, Steel Products and Raw Materials.

Ferroalloys refers to various alloys of iron which contains significant amount of one or more elements such as manganese, chrome, silicon, etc. At Metalumana we supply Ferroalloys such as Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon Manganese.

Metal manufacturers use standard raw materials, which can reduce time cycle and workflow. Metalumana supplies different raw materials to its clients including DRI, Semi-Coke, CPC and Pig Iron.

At Metalumana we supply three major types of steel products which are Flat steel products, semi finished products, and Long steel products. these products have many different applications in todays world.