Ferrosilicon Uses


Ferrosilicon is a functional Ferroalloy with different industrial applications. The melting point of Ferrosilicon is 1200 ° C to 1250 ° C. The boiling point is 2355 ° C. Ferrosilicon contains about 2% calcium and aluminum. As an additive to the ferrous metal production process, ferrosilicon will impart several desirable properties to the resulting product.


What Are The Main Benefits Of Adding Ferrosilicon To The Alloy?

• Improve the corrosion resistance of the new compounds.
• Increase the high temperature and heat resistance of the new alloy. For example, the steel used in transformer cores in the production of silicon.

Ferrosilicon Alloys Are Used In The Following Areas:

1. Used as a reducing agent in the production of ferroalloys.
Not only there is a high chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen, but the high silicon ferrosilicon has a very low carbon content. Therefore, ferrosilicon is a commonly used reducing agent in the production of low carbon iron alloys in the iron alloy industry.
2. Used as a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the steelmaking industry.
The ferrosilicon powder can emit a large amount of heat when it is burned at a high temperature. Therefore, it is often used as a heat generating agent for steel ingot caps to improve the quality and recovery rate of steel ingots.
3. Ferrosilicon is used in the high-temperature smelting process of magnesium metal.
Each ton of metal magnesium produced consumes about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicon. It plays a big role in the production of magnesium metal.
4. Can be used as a coating for welding rods in the electrode manufacturing industry.
5. Ferrosilicon can be used in the chemical industry to manufacture products such as silicone.
6. Used as an inoculant and spheroid zing agent in the cast iron industry.
Cast iron is an important metal material in modern industry. It is cheaper than steel and is easy to melt and smelt. It has excellent casting properties and much better seismic resistance than steel.
7. Ferrosilicon is extensively used in the metallurgical industry for the processes of atomization, casting, melting and heavy media separation reactions.
8. The alloy is used as a basic raw material for inoculation, adjusting, suspending, mineral processing and in the melting rod industry. It is also used for deoxidization and coating in steel melting.
9. Ferrosilicon is used as a source of pure silicon in the electric industry.
10. It is used to manufacture silicon copper in the chemical industry.
11. Ferrosilicon is used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

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