Ferroalloys: Usage, Energy Consumption, & Production

Ferroalloys Market :

Every year, more than 50 MT ferroalloys are produced in the world. Growth trends in ferroalloys industry are closely associated with iron and steel industry. Ferroalloys are added to steel for improved resistance to corrosion, and wear, as well as for attaining enhanced tensile strength. Manganese, chrome, and silicon are the principal ferroalloys used across industries. As steelmaking businesses continue to surge ahead, ferroalloys market will also remain on an uptrend. 

China, has invested massively in the steel processing industry. The largest producer, China accounts for over 50% of the world’s steel production. Growth in infrastructure projects compared to weak residential construction has been the key driving force behind rising steel consumption. China has also taken a giant leap in the production of ferroalloys with advanced technologies and innovation. The North American region is the largest importer of ferroalloys with major imports from South Africa, Georgia, Russia, China, Malaysia, and Australia.

Production of ferroalloys is considered among one of the most energy- and coke-intensive processes in the industry. Ferroalloys manufacturers spend around 40-60% of their production costs on energy consumption and it is estimated that around 100 MT of CO2 emissions is generated in the overall ferroalloy production process.

By Product :

• Ferrochrome

• Ferromanganese

• Ferro Silico Manganese

• Ferrosilicon

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